Whenever Ink is Needed

Fun underneath the setting sun. 

Loving every minute cause you make me feel so alive!


I pushed my luck 
over the cliff
to see if it will survive
the ridges below

and if and then 
it surfaces 
without a single scratch

would I follow 
heart first
and impulsively 

Happiness waits 
with open arms.



I was a tree and you were my ocean

I stood there by your side and let
your cool breezes rustle my leaves
and shape my spine as I reached for the sun

we enjoyed countless sunsets together
and I danced for you under countless moons
swaying to the music of your crashing waves

my roots grew with the desire to feel your touch
without realizing that you were not sustenance
your kiss leaving me naked as an autumn fall

then I waited for you
to make the ground beneath me crumble
to swallow me whole

sometimes beautiful things are poison
sometimes we let the things we love
kill us

Too often, the only escape is sleep.
Charles Bukowski

Everyday is a contradiction,
every moment is a paradox
as I am only an attempt
on making parallels meet 

and while my heart beats 
like the rain,
can you imagine what must
it feel to run through a storm?

It has been years since
I really tasted these
tears from the sky

and all the while 
my limits are tested 

on how I keep repeating
the same mistakes
over and over again,

on how sacrifice and love
go hand in hand together
as seemingly expendable 
as I appear, I understand
the concepts of stating
the obvious
and tell myself

there are ‘better days’
ahead, no matter how
ridiculous it may sound. 

The rain continues to pour
and down the drain
it goes—

as I have almost circled 
the earth,
learning I can reach that far
without arrest.

Sound sister. Because music saves.

Sound sister. Because music saves.

Staying afloat. Overtime tunes.

Signal fire.

Signal fire.