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Yup. But my heart belongs to Kash already.  :)

Tangled behind latched leaves—spring a midst these dying times,nimble fingers sway against the wind,of gentle hands in searchfor the lighter shades of pinkand subtle tints from wild rosesalong touched ground.Lips to kiss a sudden shiftbetween doubt and sanityslowly building up this rampartstrung from bougainvillea.There is a gap along this vine wallwhere the light passes throughand sometimes beauty itself takesa glimpse of madness but still remains enamoring like steadfast hearts who never fail to believethat there is elegance tomysteryand love in being afraidof certainty.

Tangled behind latched leaves—
spring a midst these dying times,
nimble fingers sway against the wind,
of gentle hands in search
for the lighter shades of pink
and subtle tints from wild roses
along touched ground.

Lips to kiss a sudden shift
between doubt and sanity
slowly building up this rampart
strung from bougainvillea.

There is a gap along this vine wall
where the light passes through
and sometimes beauty itself takes
a glimpse of madness 

but still remains enamoring 
like steadfast hearts 
who never fail to believe
that there is elegance to

and love in being afraid
of certainty.

Drive By

Drive By

Hey guys, Matt here. I’m inviting everyone to submit their works for the next issue of A Literation.  If you have any photos, sketches or any form of artwork that fits the theme:

The revelation: Take of the mask, make us wish for it. make us fear for it.

Let’s get to it! Submit away! :D

The Honey Trees - To Be With You
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To Be With You | The Honey Trees

Beautiful sunsets like this. Been a while since I last enjoyed one.

Beautiful sunsets like this. Been a while since I last enjoyed one.


Bush | B.A | Brother Bear | Basil

"I held the stars to light where you are,
when your unfeigned heart called to me through the dark.”